Future of Payment ..rather Web3

 Today we live in a world connected almost 100% by the internet across cables and the sky. However, how it's utilized differs from society to society and this causes the perception of having a different internet. 

However Crypto and Web 3.0 have proved that we share the same internet and thus have a chance to build at the same time a better future for our users on the internet regardless of financial capacity but rather the basic access to the internet. 

The future of payments on the web is going to be crypto undoubtedly but how we interface with it will be the difference. Some will use it even without ever knowing, some crazy chains like ETH (etheruem) that have very expensive gas fees will have to redesign their chains to be more useful to allow this seamless use of the chain-like SOL( Solana) has done. 

I envision a future where kids' birth certificates will carry crypto wallets attached and keys provided to them fully at a certain age through a smart contract.

I envision a future where there's no more guarantee needed but only a smart contract that can empty a companies funds if their product is fake. 

I envision a future where governments will have to create crypto-compliant laws and regulate computing using fair play principles given the true Governance will be left to nodes and communities. 

It's never too late to learn and build for Web 3.0 ie. Crypto, Fintech, Blockchain, Saas, ML, and AI. 

Disclaimer: I am a founder in some companies building Web 3.0 technologies in health, finance, transport, and a software engineer by profession.  info@rupertcloud.com 


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